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Welcome to The Kona Forum! We are an online travel guide and real estate resource for people who love Kona and the Big Island of Hawaii. We have put together this very special web site to help you find everything you ever wanted to know about travel and vacations to Hawaii. Throughout this site you will learn about the Hawaiian Culture, Hawaii Real Estate, Kona Coffee, Puna Coffee, Kau Coffee, Hamakua Coffee and what it means to live Aloha. Our travel guide provides you with airline, accomodation and attraction information for Kona and all of the Big Island of Hawaii. Visit our Discussion Boards and you can read about and ask your own questions about Real Estate, the Kona Lifestyle, relocation services and moving to the Big Island, dream home construction or anything you might be curious about. So whether you want to know more about Pure Kona Coffee, Puna Coffee, how to make an Hawaiian Quilt, Hilo Vacation Rentals or just how many ways there are to use the word Aloha you can ask it here!

What's New?

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Hawaiian Music

Listen to Hawaiian Music on HawaiianRainbow.com!

Kona Discussion Boards

Click on the Kona Discussion Boards link to access all of the Discussion Boards on one page. We have several different Boards to choose from. First we have the Aloha! Discussion Board where you can introduce yourself to everyone in Kailua Kona, Hawaii and the mainland. Next we have the Real Estate Discussion Board where you can discuss anything to do with Hawaii Real Estate not just Kona Real Estate. Our Real Estate Experts live right here in Kona and around the Big Island. Thinking about relocating to Kona or anywhere on the Big Island? Then visit the Moving to Hawaii Discussion Board for anyone interested in moving to Kona Hawaii. Next up we have the Visiting Hawaii Discussion Board for those who desire to find out more about Kona Travel and Hawaii Travel to every where on our wonderful island. For those who want to know about the Best Restaurants in and around Kona and every where else on Hawaii we have our own critics writing reviews for your reading (and dining) pleasure. Have a favorite restaurant that you would like to write a review for? Let us know how you feel about it. Thinking about building your dream home here in Kona or anywhere on the Big Island? Try our Home Construction Discussion Board for all of your questions and comments. Plus we have our Free Want Ads where you can advertise to buy or sell anything you want and our Rentals Available/Wanted. Come sit down and enjoy our wonderful Discussion Boards at The Kona Forum!

Kona Real Estate

Click on the Kona Real Estate link to access the Kona Real Estate page. The Kona Real Estate page has it all! It doesn't just cover Kona, it covers all of Hawaii Real Estate. You can look for a home to buy, or a vacation rental. You can the read Hawaii Real Estate articles written by our resident experts. We even have a Beginner's Guide to Buying Hawaii Real Estate. You can scan through the questions and answers from our participating Discussion Board members. Or you can ask your questions about Kona and Hawaii Real Estate directly to our experts via e-mail. Our experts not only specialize in the Kailua Kona area, but they specialize in all areas so they can answer all your Kona Real Estate and Hawaii Real Estate questions.

Relocating to Hawaii

Click on the Relocating to Hawaii link to access all the information you'll ever need to know about moving to the Big Island. On this page you find resources for the Kona Board of Realtors, Hawaii Real Estate MLS Listings, Hawaii relocation services, Hawaii DMV, Hawaii pet requirements, moving tips and suggestions as well as resources for how to buy a home or vacation rentals.

Vacationing in Hawaii Travel Guide and Attractions

We have numerous travel guides located on the Visiting Hawaii link. Our travel guides provide links to help you make your travel decisions for Kona Travel or Hawaii Travel information about popular attractions and general travel information for visiting Hawaii. Car rental, accommodations including Hilo Vacation Rentals and things to do when visiting Hawaii.

Kona HI Lifestyles

Click on the Kona HI Lifestyles link to see how the residents in Kailua Kona and the Big Island live.

Kona HI Resources

Click on the Kona HI Resources link to access links to the Relocation to Kona/Moving to Hawaii page, Hawaii Government links that will be helpful to you for a relocation or just general information. This page also contains links to printable driving maps for Kona and the entire Big Island of Hawaii.

Home Construction

Click on the Home Construction link to access links to pre-packaged home suppliers in Kona Hawaii and Yurts. You will also find builder information, vacation rentals information and Hawaii Government links.

Don't Forget

Don't forget to visit all of our advertiser's web sites. All of them live and conduct business in Kona and all over the Big Island of Hawaii. And they appreciate your business. Kona Forum is an online travel guide & real estate resource for those who love Kona and the Big Island of Hawaii.

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